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Legal Disputes Law Lawyers

Types of Legal Disputes Law


“Litigation” is lawyer-speak for court proceedings. It is basically the process of taking a case through the court system. Whilst litigation can occur in almost any legal area, some examples of general litigation include:

  • Contract disputes.
  • Debt enforcement
  • Property damage claims (including car accident damage).
  • Neighbour disputes involving fences or nuisance.

Sometimes a case might not start out in litigation.  You might need legal advice about something that only later escalates into court proceedings.  Or perhaps you’re originally involved in one area of law but then litigation can becomes necessary when the issues spread into a different legal area.

No matter how litigation commences, it’s important to find a lawyer who has the right expertise to properly represent you. It’s especially important if your issue concerns more than one legal area. That’s the Websters advantage – because of our wide range of practice areas, we are bound to have lawyers to suit your needs.

We can explain the court process to you and provide you with an honest appraisal of your case and the likely costs involved. Some disputes are simple and can be resolved quickly, while other cases may require court proceedings. If we don’t think that it is in your interests to engage a lawyer we will tell you, because acting in your best interests is in our best interests.

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Our Legal Disputes Lawyers


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*Please note: Websters lawyers is a South Australian based law firm, handling matters exclusive to South Australia, with offices located in Adelaide, Ridgehaven and Smithfield.

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