About Us

About Us

About Us

We are a team of experienced lawyers, each specialising in chosen fields so that together we can provide assistance in a large range of legal areas. Everything from criminal law, wills and family law matters to migration, human rights law and commercial litigation.

We are proud of our ability to offer this diverse range of legal help which is one of the hallmarks of the excellent service that we provide to our clients.

Our Goals

As part of the Operating Principles that are fundamental to the way we practise law, we aim to:

    • Provide a highly personal and efficient legal service.
    • Remove the ‘mystery’ that often seems to be attached to what lawyers do for their clients.
    • Ensure that at all times clients are fully informed of the progress of their case.


The firm was previously known as Frank Webster & Associates and in 2004, we became Websters Lawyers.

Seeing the need to improve services to clients in Adelaide’s North East, in 2007 we set up an office at Ridgehaven. As part of continued growth, we opened new premises in Adelaide’s CBD in 2014 and in 2016, we opened our Smithfield office as part of our commitment to provide services to the North.

With a larger facilities and ample on-street parking, this location is convenient for our clients and has enabled us to create a mediation suite to accommodate our move into the area of alternative dispute resolution.

Our Team

Our solicitors come from a variety of backgrounds with life experiences that allow them to understand what it means to be involved in legal matters from personal viewpoints.

Our solicitors often collaborate with one another so that our clients have the benefit of pooled knowledge and expertise. As a firm we practise in a range of areas because no matter what your legal issue, excellent service means that we must understand how other issues will impact upon your case.

For example, how will payment of a compensation settlement affect a matrimonial property dispute? Or what if criminal charges arise out of a motor vehicle accident in which you are injured?

However, specialisation is also important in providing excellent legal service, which is why our solicitors each specialise in particular areas.

This means that if you have other legal issues down the track, there’s bound to be someone at Websters Lawyers who can assist you.

Our promise to you

We know that offering great service to our clients isn’t just about the result. It’s also about the experience our clients have in getting that result. Our promise to you is that at all times we will strive to provide you with outstanding service by:

    • Giving you our attention and respect.
    • Listening to your needs and keeping you fully informed and properly advised.
    • Conducting ourselves in a professional manner.
    • Ensuring that we are up-to-date on all aspects of our areas of expertise.
    • Maintaining honest and open communications with you.
    • Working hard to achieve the best outcome for you.

So whatever your legal issue, call us today. We’re here to help.