August 30, 2016


Here at Websters Lawyers, we love all things South Australian. We especially love a home-grown success story.

Take Adelady, for example.

Two local ladies, Hayley Pearson and Lauren De Cesare, decided to start a website celebrating the best of South Australia. With a female focus, there are no prizes for guessing how they came to call it Adelady.

It didn’t take long for word to spread and soon the site became a runaway success. Adelaide sat up and took notice, especially the good folks at Channel 9, who, coincidentally, were considering launching a new locally produced TV show.

And so Adelady – the TV incarnation – was born.

The show promises to take viewers on a journey of fun, style, fitness, food, fashion and be best events around town. In short, it’s “everything you’re into”.

Adelady is “two real girls getting amongst our awesome city and showing you the best SA has to offer” said Hayley. Lauren added that “[we] have created something that is filled with our favourite things.”

The show is bright and bubbly, much like Hayley and Lauren themselves, and is presented in a fresh new format that is sure to appeal.

And it gets better. Websters Lawyers is a sponsor of both the website and TV show.

Michelle Crichton, Managing Solicitor at Websters Lawyers, said that “as a truly South Australian law firm, we provide legal services that take into account the issues relevant to locals.  With so many interstate firms now setting up in South Australia, we appreciate that it’s important for consumers to have an excellent local option.

“We have a proud track record of supporting home-grown events and talent. We believe it’s an important way to give back to our community and with its local content and positive message, Adelady was the perfect pairing for Websters Lawyers “

Tune into Adelady for the next 8 weeks to see the best of Adelaide and South Australia. And look out for some of our lawyers who will be chatting to Hayley and Lauren about legal issues that may affect you.

Adelady premiers on Friday September 2 at 7.30pm on Channel 9.