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Hearing Loss Claims

If you are suffering from hearing loss after working in a noisy environment during your working years, you may be entitled to compensation.   You may have noticed you are having difficulty hearing the TV or are struggling to hear during a simple conversation with family and friends.  Hearing loss is a common work related injury affecting many South Australian, particularly those who have worked in the manufacturing and construction industries.

What’s involved in making a claim?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re still employed where you sustained the hearing loss or if you have retired.  Due to the progressive nature of this kind of disability it would be almost impossible for a worker to prove where and when the hearing loss occurred.  That is why the Return to Work Act contains certain presumptions that make it easier to make a claim.

Even though the hearing loss might have happened over a long period of time and perhaps during employment at different locations, a claim is treated as though it all happened at once, right before the claim was made and while working at the last place of employment where there was exposure to noise capable of causing hearing loss.  Even if you have retired it is possible to make a claim.

What compensation and expenses are covered?

A successful claim will mean that you are entitled to be provided with high-quality hearing aids for the rest of your life.  For workers who suffer noise induced hearing loss that meets the necessary threshold, a lump sum amount of compensation for non-economic loss is also available.

The amount of compensation depends on the extent of the hearing loss and that takes into account the degree of hearing impairment not caused by exposure to noise.  For those claims that meet the minimum threshold of a 5% whole person impairment or more, the lump sum compensation for an injury that occurred in 2019 is over $12,000.00 and the greater the extent of noise induced hearing loss the higher the payment.

What about other conditions like tinnitus?

A claim for hearing loss does not prevent you claiming any other worker’s compensation under the law that you may be entitled to claim.  In many cases a person suffering from industrial deafness is also experience ringing in the ears known as tinnitus.  If this has also been caused by the work environment it is possible to include that as part of your claim which can often increase the amount of any lump sum compensation for industrial hearing loss.

What will it cost me to make a claim?

We offer a NO WIN NO FEE arrangement for approved clients for industrial hearing loss compensation claims.

To find out what’s involved contact us to speak with one of our team of specialist workers compensation lawyers.


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