Are you planning a getaway this holiday season?

November 28, 2019

Whilst you are busy preparing your itinerary, travel insurance and packing for your holiday it is important not to forget about your Will and Power of Attorney.  The chances are that you will return relaxed and rejuvenated from your trip however have you considered what would happen to your assets if something were to happen while you are away?

Unfortunately accidents can and do happen. People are travelling more frequently and becoming adventurous with their travels, which is enjoyable but there is the chance that something may go wrong. Whether you are heading off for a road trip or on an extended vacation it is essential that you take the time to consider your loved ones whom you want to protect. By creating or updating your will with Websters Lawyers you can relax and enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that your Estate will be left to the people you care for and whom you wish to provide.

What if you simply need to have someone look after your financial affairs while you’re out of the country?  A Power of Attorney allows you to appoint someone to deal with your legal and financial affairs including your money, property and investments.

If you already have a Will or Power of Attorney, then this may be an opportunity for them to be reviewed. It is recommended that you review your Will every 5-7 years, if there is a major life event, or significant asset changes. Some reasons you should change your Will are:

  • An Executor has died or is unable to act
  • You have married, divorced or entered into a domestic relationship
  • You have had children or have new members of the family to be included such as step-children
  • You have changed your mind about how you want your assets distributed or have disposed of an asset that was specified for a beneficiary
  • A beneficiary has died

Whether you are about to take a holiday or not, it is crucial that you have a Will. Due to the complexities of families we recommend you meet with a solicitor as they will be able to assist you with what to include in your Will to best ensure your wishes are reflected and most importantly that your loved ones are protected. Contact us to speak with a lawyer today.