February 23, 2017


Family law issues can be really stressful. If you’re separating or divorcing, there are property issues to settle. There are also parenting issues to agree, living arrangements to sort out, and let’s not get started on who gets to keep the pets.

Even if you and your ex-partner can agree on most things, the experience can be emotionally challenging and financially draining. Sometimes, what you need is expert advice and to be supported by others who have been there too.

It’s with these things in mind that the Family Law Pathways Network has established a series of low-cost courses and information sessions to assist people in the family law system.

What is the Family Law Pathways Network?

The Network runs events, provides information and supports family lawyers and other professionals to help separating families.

As part of these services, the Network runs parenting and relationship courses and information sessions throughout South Australia at nominal cost or no cost for participants.

The Network has just released its course programme for Term 1, 2017. Courses cover topics including:

Parenting after Separation

  • Mum’s House Dad’s House
  • Child Focussed Information Session
  • Kids are First
  • Fatherhood and Separation
  • Working it out for the Kids
  • Strengthening Separated Families

Parenting Courses Generally

  • Early Intervention and Family Support Programme
  • How to Talk so Kids will Listen
  • Inside their Heads: Understanding Teen Boys and Girls
  • Living in a Blended Family
  • Circle of Security
  • Who’s in Charge
  • Learning Together Programme
  • Women’s Domestic Violence Survivors Group
  • The Father’s Journey
  • Tuning into Kids
  • Bringing up Great Kids
  • The Dads’ Business
  • Preparing for Baby
  • Fatherhood – Dads Matter
  • Making Step Families Work
  • Women Anger Management

Children’s and Young People’s Groups

  • Banana Splitz/Banana Bites
  • Rocky Roads
  • Blast Off

Family Law Legal Information Sessions

  • Free Family Law Information Sessions
  • General Family Law Advice
  • Family Court Support
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Programmes
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Balancing Bipolar Support Group
  • Family and Carers
  • Journey to Recovery

Click here for the complete timetable, including course information, dates, times, locations and cost.

If you would like further information, please contact us today for a free first interview with one of our experienced family law practitioners. Because the sooner you act, often the better off you’ll be.