You want a lawyer who is confident in your case and their ability to get a successful outcome for you.

Websters Lawyers understand that many people who have a personal injury claim* are unable to afford to pay for a lawyer up front.  This is especially the case where the injury itself has prevented you from working and you are already struggling to meet your usual household expenses.  We are also aware that you might be understandably concerned about being liable to pay for a lawyer without knowing whether you will succeed in obtaining a compensation payment.

That is why Websters Lawyers offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangement.  If upon consideration of the facts of your case we believe that you have a reasonable prospect of securing a payment of compensation (or ‘damages’) we will act for you on the basis that you are not liable to pay us unless you are successful, or in other words, unless you win.  A ‘win’ in this context means that you receive a payment of money from the other side either under a negotiated settlement agreement or pursuant to an award ordered by a Court or Tribunal.  This can include not only the fees for your lawyer’s work but also other running costs or expenses such as medical reports and court fees.  When you are considering whether to engage a lawyer on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, you must ensure that you clearly understand who is going to pay for these expenses.

While the majority of claims can be negotiated, if your case does not settle by agreement and it becomes necessary to go to court, then even in a no win no fee arrangement if your case does not succeed you will likely be liable to pay the legal costs and expenses of the other side.  You can be sure that we will not take the step of taking your case to court without fully discussing the matter with you and getting your clear instructions to do so.

Our fees are based on the work done and we do not charge a percentage of the settlement payment.

* The no win no fee arrangement only applies to personal injury claims including:

It is important to have confidence in the lawyer you engage and the advice they are giving you.  If you don’t have a claim, or if it is going to expose you to risk, we will tell you.  If we think you have a good case, then our promise to you is that if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

You can ask a personal injury lawyer any questions about our ‘no win no fee’ arrangement at a FREE FIRST INTERVIEW so CONTACT US today to arrange an appointment.

No Win No Fee Claims