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Migration Law Lawyers

Types of Migration Law

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Australia is the land of endless sunshine, with pristine beaches, incredible wildlife and a relaxed lifestyle. Its high standard of living, great work opportunities and excellent educational institutions make it a popular choice for people looking to migrate from other countries.

But getting a visa to live and work in Australia can be a lengthy and complex process.

migration lawyers in Adelaide

Registered Migration Agents

All migrants to Australia must enter the country with some form of visa. There are many classes of visas, including study visas, skilled or unskilled work visas, and temporary or permanent visas.

The visa application itself requires much time and effort. There are many forms to fill out and documents to produce. The potential for error is high; any mistake could possibly send you right back to the start of the process.

But the good news is that there’s plenty of help available. Migration agents in Australia can assist you with selecting a visa that is right for you and can guide you through the process, checking everything along the way to minimise any difficulties.

To legally offer this service, migration agents must be registered. At Websters Lawyers, we can provide you with a lawyer who is also a registered migration agent in Adelaide, available to assist you with your migration needs.

Lawyer or agent?

Migration agents do not need to be lawyers, but any lawyer practising in migration law and visa applications must be a registered agent.

Agents can complete the visa application process, including certification of the many copies of documents that you will be required to produce. But lawyers can offer a service above and beyond this, for example:

  • Lawyers are bound by legal professional privilege, meaning that the communications you have with a lawyer and the advice you receive are protected and cannot be disclosed without your consent, except in some limited circumstances.
  • Lawyers are highly educated in the workings of the Australian legal system and so can identify any other legal issues that you may have in applying for your visa.
  • If a visa is refused or if other migration issues arise, a lawyer can apply to a court for the decision to be reviewed. This is a huge advantage for a client as the lawyer will already be familiar with all the issues that the client has faced with the application.

During your time in Australia, and particularly if you are spending any time working while you are here, you might need a lawyer to advise or assist you with any legal issues that arise. It can make things easier to already have a good relationship with a lawyer.  Because we have expertise in many different legal areas, for example wills and estates, family law, conveyancing, workers compensation and criminal and traffic law, we are perfectly placed to assist you.

To find out more about how we can help you, call us today on 8231 1363, or contact us by email. To download a copy of the MARA Consumer Guide, click here.

For more information, read our Migration Law Brochure.

Our Migration Lawyers

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*Please note: Websters lawyers is a South Australian based law firm, handling matters exclusive to South Australia, with offices located in Adelaide, Ridgehaven and Smithfield.

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