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Gabriel Soriano



Gabriel Soriano


Gabriel practices in the areas of:

Before being admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor in the Supreme Court of South Australia, Gabriel taught across various law disciplines at the University of South Australia. Since then he has worked alongside prominent criminal Barristers providing assistance in complex legal trials including large scale drug importations and murder.

The process of facing a charge can be a daunting and confronting experience and so Gabriel aims to ensure that he delivers clear and easy to understand advice harnessing his many years of experience teaching law so that you are adequately informed and represented.

Gabriel prides himself on his ability to adapt to high pressure situations and his passion to ensure that each and every client can expect 100% commitment and dedication in any problem they might face.

His years of research experience make Gabriel particularly adept at dealing with unusual and particularly complicated legal questions that can arise in many cases. His willingness to hear you out and understand your personal circumstances ensure that each experience is tailored to the individual and that he can work hard for the best result in your matter.

You can contact Gabriel by email at or by telephoning 08 8231 1363.


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