Workers Compensation Claims

Workers Compensation Claims


When you have been injured at work and you’re losing income you need an experienced Workers Compensation & Employment Lawyer on your side to ensure that you receive compensation as quickly as possible for time off work, medical expenses and other costs. How can Websters Lawyers assist you if you have been involved in a work-related accident?

  • If your claim is not accepted promptly or if there is undue delay in receiving any of your entitlements, we can make an application on your behalf in the Workers Compensation Tribunal to compel the insurer to make a decision; 
  • If your claim is rejected we can lodge a dispute in the Workers Compensation Tribunal and represent you in both Conciliation proceedings and if necessary, at any hearing; 
  • If the insurer isn’t compensating you for lost income at the correct rate taking into account what you were earning at the time you were injured we can dispute that decision on your behalf; 
  • If the insurer refuses to pay for medical costs, rehabilitation costs, travel expenses or the cost of therapeutic appliances reasonably incurred by you as a result of having suffered a work injury we can dispute that decision in the Workers Compensation Tribunal. 


  • Even when a work injury doesn’t result in loss of income many injured workers still have an entitlement to a lump sum payment for permanent disability. 

  • Despite the fact that they are not ‘employed’, many contractors or sub-contractors involved in building work still have a right to claim Workers Compensation under the South Australian WorkCover scheme. 

  • If your work injury is the result of the negligence of someone other than your employer or co-workers, or if you were at a labour hire placement, you may be able to claim damages at common law well in excess of Workers Compensation payments.

To find out more about how a Websters Lawyers’ Workers Compensation Law specialist can assist you, or if you are uncertain about whether you can make a claim, contact us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation. At that initial meeting a Workers Compensation Lawyer will be able to explain to you the process involved in making a Workers Compensation claim or disputing a decision made by the insurer.

When you choose a Workers Compensation lawyer you need to be absolutely sure that no only do they have the knowledge and skills you require, but also that they will provide the level of service you expect. That’s why Websters Lawyers offer you the chance to meet with one of our experienced Workers Compensation lawyers in Adelaide or North East at no charge. For more information go to ‘Why Choose Websters Lawyers’.

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