Victims of Crime Compensation Claims


If you have been injured (either physically or mentally) as a result of a criminal offence then you may well have an entitlement to claim compensation under the Victims of Crime Act. Our Victims of Crime Compensation Lawyers in Adelaide can assist with the application process for these types of matters.

Compensation claims under the Victims of Crime Act are to be pursued only as a last resort. If, for example, you have an entitlement to compensation pursuant to Workers Compensation legislation or under an insurance policy then generally you will not be compensated for under this scheme. It is important to speak to an experienced compensation lawyer because often victims of crime don’t realise that they might have another type of claim available to them.

In order to succeed in a claim for compensation, the offence must be proved beyond reasonable doubt. If the offender has been caught and prosecuted through the courts with a conviction recorded then this element will not be an issue.

Claims can also be pursued in instances where offenders were not apprehended.

For claims arising out of incidents on or after 1 September 1990 the maximum amount of compensation available to victims is $50,000.00.

For claims following 1 January 2003, a threshold test (as to the pain and suffering sustained) applies in relation to an entitlement to compensation.

The Victims of Crime Act regulates the costs that solicitors can charge in relation to such matters and these costs are, in fact, paid separately by the Government. As such any offer of compensation made to you is in addition to payment of our regulated costs.

If you are uncertain about whether you can make a claim, what is involved or whether it is worthwhile doing so, contact us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation. When you choose a lawyer you need to be absolutely sure that not only do they have the knowledge and skills you require, but also that they will provide the level of service you expect. That’s why Websters Lawyers offer you the chance to meet with an experienced Victims of Crime Compensation Lawyer at no charge. For more information go to ‘Why Choose Websters Lawyers’.

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