About Us

Who Are Websters Lawyers?

Websters Lawyers are a firm of experienced barristers and solicitors from a diverse range of areas who have the common aim of providing a more personal and efficient legal service than clients are likely to have experienced elsewhere. Our aim is to remove the ‘mystery’ that often seems to be attached to what lawyers do for their clients and to ensure that clients are fully informed regarding their case.

The firm in its current structure commenced in 2004 at 84 Franklin Street, Adelaide, previously the offices of Frank Webster & Associates and in 2007 moved to 9/111 Gawler Place, Adelaide with an additional office at 1261 North East Rd, Ridgehaven. In 2014 as a result of our continued success and growth Websters Lawyers located to a new Adelaide office at 253 – 257 Sturt Street. With a larger premises and ample on street parking, this location has proved to be far more convenient for our clients and has enabled us to create a Mediation Suite to accommodate our move into the area of alternative dispute resolution.

Our solicitors come from a variety of backgrounds with life experience that enables us to understand what it means to be involved in legal matters from a personal viewpoint. We are able to relate to our clients and strive to work with them to achieve the best result possible in the circumstances of their particular case. Ours is a team environment in which our solicitors collaborate with one another so that our clients have the benefit of the pooled knowledge and expertise of our professional staff. As a firm we do not specialise in a particular area of law because no matter what the area is in which you are involved, you must have an understanding of how other issues will impact upon your matter, however our solicitors each specialise in their own select areas of practice.*

And once you’ve found a law firm with which your comfortable and feel at ease dealing with, don’t you want to be able to engage them for any other matters in which you require assistance?

Websters are aware that offering a good service is not just about the result achieved, but the client’s experience in the process of achieving that result.

* For example, how will payment of a compensation settlement affect a matrimonial property dispute? Or what if criminal charges arise out of a motor vehicle accident in which you are injured or in the context of Family Court proceedings?